Our Worlds
May 2021

‘Our Worlds’ seeks to comment on our reality past, present, and future. Each production is different in it’s focus but they all examine human nature with a new lens.

Under the Rainbow
April 2021

Inspired by the colours of the rainbow and associated emotions, ‘Under the Rainbow’ examines the human condition and the world we exist in through the lens of synesthesia.

Under the Rainbow Banner

The Shakespeare Project
December 2020

‘The Shakespeare Project’ is a theatre collection based off of the works of William Shakespeare. Each production interprets a classic through the eyes of a traditionally supporting character and gives an alternative reading of Shakespeare’s narrative.

November 2020

‘Elements’ is a series of monologues that explore different reactions to the loss of a friend. The series grounds emotional responses in the physicality of different elements and combines poetic form with drama.

Elements Banner