Our Worlds
May 2021

‘Our Worlds’ seeks to comment on our reality past, present, and future. Each production is different in it’s focus but they all examine human nature with a new lens.

23rd May 2021

“I dreamt I was in the garden again… again.”

In the Garden of Gethsemane Judas betrayed Jesus with his kiss. In the bed of two young lovers, this narrative of shame and betrayal plays on. This piece explores where betrayal lies as the two navigate a relationship tainted by fear and external judgement and watches on and as the garden closes in around them.


Olly O'regan
Olly O'regan

Olly is an actor based in London, currently in his final year of a BA in English at the University of Nottingham. This is Olly’s first professional theatre credit, and his acting roles with the Nottingham New Theatre include ‘Doctor Faustus’ (2018), ‘The Seagull’ (2019), and ‘Vincent River’ (2019). Olly also acted in the short films ‘Awakening’ (2020) and ‘2021’ (2021) with the NNT, as well as directing ‘What Could Be Worse Than Jumping?’ (2020).

Alex Levy
Alex Levy

Alex is a London based actor and writer, his professional credits include ‘52 Souls’ (2020) and ‘PVC’ (2020) with Chronic Insanity Theatre, and ‘Elements’ (2020) with Anegada Theatre. Alex has had a number of roles with the Nottingham New Theatre, including ‘Edward II’ (2019) and ‘Human Animals’ (2019). Alex also wrote and directed ‘Ring Ring’ (2018) for the Inter-University Drama Festival.


Chiara Crompton

Writer and Director

Barney Hartwill


Zoe Smith


Tara Anegada