Under the Rainbow
April 2021

Inspired by the colours of the rainbow and associated emotions, ‘Under the Rainbow’ examines the human condition and the world we exist in through the lens of synesthesia.

25th April 2021

“She is a colour, committed to the graveyard of my great loves.


Like a swelling fruit.

Ripe. Sweet. Overflowing with what once was.”

‘Poppies’ explores the psyche of a woman traumatised by the loss of her childhood friend. Estranged by their differing perceptions, The Speaker and The Listener struggle to reconcile with their past and understand the truth of their actions. ‘Poppies’ combines film projection and performative poetry to create mixed media theatre production.


Lillian Race
Lillian Race
The Speaker

Lillian is an actor, choreographer and director based in Leeds. She previously featured in our monologue series ‘Elements’ (2020), as the narrator of ‘Fire’. Her credits with the Nottingham New Theatre include acting roles in ‘Still Alice’ (2019), ‘Stags and Hens’ (2019), ‘Why is John Lennon Wearing a Skirt?’ (2018), ‘DNA’ (2019) in collaboration with Lakeside Arts, and ‘The Devil You Know’ (2018) for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Additionally Lillian co-directed ‘Grant Meets Death’ (2018) and ‘Eve and Adam’ (2019) and has choreographed a number of projects, including ‘Edward II’ (2019).

Tara Anegada
Tara Anegada
The Listener

Tara is the Artistic Director of our company and was the writer and director on ‘Elements’ (2020) and ‘Mercutio’s Romeo & Juliet’ (2021). Tara has written and directed several productions for the Nottingham New Theatre, including ‘Eve and Adam’ (2019) and ‘Pilgrimage’ (2020). She has also written several short films with the Nottingham New Theatre, including ‘I think He was called Rosalind’ (2020), ‘faces.’ (2020) and ‘SPRING + AWAKENING’ (2020). Tara is the current Company Technical Director for the Nottingham New Theatre and is studying an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Nottingham.

Alisha Toporski
Girl / The Red Girl
Lanta Turney
The Orange Girl
Anya Edwards
The Green Girl
Wietske Howell
The Blue Girl
Sofia Bassani
The Purple Girl
Laura Garvin-Gomez
The Pink Girl


Rosiella Sutherland


Joseph Holmes-Milner

Co-Director and Sound Designer

Zoe Smith

Producer and Production Manager

Jasmine Butler

Assistant Producer

Tara Anegada


Emily Rule


Sam Osborne

AV Technician